Community & Events

At Messina Beej, we have a broad interpretation of community. We partner with local people to create the conditions for thriving together. To make a difference in our farmers’ lives, we address the environment in which they live.

Our different community initiatives allow us to focus on our mission and not get distracted by administrative tasks. As part of our mission, we take a holistic approach to our work and where possible, we aim to improve conditions in entire communities, for a brighter future of Bihar. We work together as one to solve the most vexing challenges and strive hard for ensuring the well-being of our people and places and bring positive changes.

Art Competition

We recently conducted the first Messina Chaatra Kala Pratiyogita in February, 2021 where more than 200 children participated from the ages five years to 15 years. During the pandemic, when the schools were shut for more than a year due to COVID-19, we saw a wonderful participation from the children from different age groups, who made this competition a great success. Many kids won prizes under three different categories. This was done keeping in mind social distancing, masks and hygiene.

Kisan Mela

For the past 7 years, we have been organizing Kisan Mela for the local farmers from all over Bihar, wherein we invite farmers to visit our R&D and plant facilities and help them experience the most trusted brand of seeds. We started as a small event hosting 250 farmers, but in 2019, we hosted more than 1200 farmers, who made it a grand success. Farmers come and meet our scientists, talk about their issues and even exchange new ideas and make the most out of this Kisan Mela.

Eye Camp

We have been conducting eye camps for more than 3 decades. We screen patients for cataract and other eye diseases, like glaucoma, night blindness, refractive error and select 250 patients for surgery, on an average. We refer the patients to Ram Krishna Mission Hospital, Patna, fund their cataract surgeries and give them the gift of vision. We have operated more than 10,000 patients with cataract, so far. All our eye camps are conducted under the supervision of professional medical and paramedical staff. We also make arrangements for food and stay for the patients.

Note: Eye Camp Services suspended due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Other Community Activities

Flood Relief Camps

We conduct flood relief camps every flood year, where people from surrounding flood-hit villages are housed and provided with food and basic medical supplies. Our volunteers are at the forefront in delivering the relief materials. From facing the odds of having no transport at all to making continuous efforts to pack materials spanning over days and nights, our relief team in a flood-affected area is on its toes.

Funding Educational Institutions

The Misra family has always supported different educational institutions by providing funds, as part of their community initiatives. Apart from donating lands for schools, we also donated funds for Ram Nirikshan Atma Ram College, Samastipur. Our mission is to ensure that every child in Bihar has access to the fundamental right to education.

Primary School & High School For Girls

Despite education being a fundamental right for all children in India, many girls from impoverished, illiterate families are denied this right. Our aim is to educate every girl and build a stronger nation. We have played a small part in this big initiative by donating 5 acres of land for a girl’s school in Masina and a primary school in Siropatti and Block Level Recreation Centre (BLRC). Our goal is to support the education of thousands of girls across the country and change lives.

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