Committed to The Success of Farmers

Messina Beej has provided the finest quality seeds to farmers, since 1959. We have sowed and nurtured the seeds of trust and loyalty among farmers for more than 6 decades and as a result, we have emerged as the preferred choice of the farming fraternity. With an objective to ensure timely supply of high-quality vegetable seeds and field crop seeds, especially White Maize, to the farming community, we ensure maximum returns for the investment of farmers.

Our Rich History

Our journey started in the year 1942 in a small village named Masina, when Masina Concern was purchased by the Misra Family Patriarch Shri Atma Ram Misra. In 1959, his sons, Shri Data Ram Misra and Anirudh Kumar Misra laid the foundation of Messina Beej Nigam and contributed to the Green Revolution of India.

Late. Shri Atma Ram Misra was a visionary and a philanthropist, who used his expertise in the selection of superior strains of seeds, vegetables and grains to build a successful business. His son, Late. Shri Data Ram Misra, with his philosophy of Collective development, worked in the community to build a base of producing farmers. Rather than individual gains, he focussed on the incomes of the community that he was part of. This approach helped him yield dividends for the organisation as well as for the farmers.

Now, the business is owned and managed by his family for four generations.

A Vision For the Future

Today, we are one of the renowned brands in the market that supplies high-quality seeds. We are known as the Pioneers of Winter Maize in Bihar. By providing reliable seeds, we have brought the Winter Maize Revolution in Bihar, wherein our journey has been facilitated by many eminent personalities and institutions.

We use state-of-the-art technology and intensive R&D activities to revolutionize the agrarian face of the state of Bihar. And this we do by serving the local farmers in Bihar with high quality seeds and helping them get profitable yields. We are driven by a vision to improve the lives of our local farmers by using research and testing to develop superior quality seeds and field crops for them.



Masina Concern Was Purchased

Masina Concern was purchased by the Misra family Patriarch Shri Atma Ram Misra.


Messina Joint Farming Cooperative

Messina Joint Farming Cooperative Was Founded by Shri Atma Ram Misra’s sons Shri Data Ram Misra and Shri Anirudh Kumar Misra.


Messina Beej Nigam Was Founded

Messina Beej Nigam was founded by Shri Data Ram Misra.


Messina Beej Private Limited Was Founded

Messina Beej Private Limited was founded by Shri Anil Kumar Misra


Messina Beej Expanded In The Market

Messina Beej expanded to 64 people.

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